Instructions for using rescuewear® clothing

Many of our rescuewear® clothing is tested and approved according to the standards and requirements of EN ISO 20471 |, ||, | || and GUV. To preserve this standard, we recommend to use and maintain the clothing in accordance with the following guidelines.

Treatment and use:

  • Treat the clothes according to the washing and maintenance instructions for an optimal lifetime of the clothing.
  • Combine several ISO 20471 |, || and | | | clothing to increase the amount of fluorescent and reflective material and to improve your safety.

Washing and Maintenance:

  • Please follow the instructions on the care labels carefully.
  • Empty the pockets before washing.
  • Do not use fabric conditioner.
  • Wash carefully with closed buttons and zippers. This prolongs the life of the clothing.
  • The wash load should not exceed more then 70% of machine capacity.
  • Sort the garments according to colour and degree of soiling. Heavily soiled clothing should be spot washed using fabric detergent. Wash the clothing afterwards in the regular wash.
  • The clothes have a dirt-resistant finish. This finish can be reactivated by ironing or tumble-drying at a high temperature.
  • Store the clothes in a dark, dry and well-ventilated room.

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“Rescuewear meets all legal requirements, including the EN ISO 20471 class |, || and ||| standards.”